Friday, August 29, 2008

Western Gailes Hold Rates for 2009

Western Gailes in Ayrshire have announced that there will be no increase in Green Fees for 2009. GTS note this as a positive move and hope that other courses are thinking of following the same path. The booking information is shown below but more information is available from the course directly.


MONDAY 09.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.30
WEDNESDAY 09.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.30
FRIDAY 09.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.30
SATURDAY 15.30-16.30
SUNDAY 14.00-15.30

In order to guarantee tee times selected, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required within 3 weeks of making the Provisional Booking. This is applicable to either Written or Telephone Provisional Bookings. All correspondence with the Reservations Department can be by Email, Fax or Letter.
Payments may be made by cash, cheque or credit card (ONLY Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Switch).
Times may be reallocated if there has been NO contact within Three Weeks of initial booking.

Winter preparation will be carried out during the week of Monday 28th September and until Thursday 1st October 2009 and there will be no visitors during this period.

November 2008 – February 2009 Weekdays - £60.00* per round pp (*including Soup & Sandwiches)
March 09 Weekdays - £85.00* per round pp (*including Lunch & a Stroke Saver)
April - September 2009 Weekdays - £115.00* per round pp/Two Rounds £165.00* (*including Lunch & a Stroke Saver)
April – September 2009 Saturdays - £100.00 per round pp including a Stroke Saver (no Catering facilities available on a Saturday)
Sundays - £125.00 ** per round pp including a Stroke Saver (** No Dining Room facilities on Sundays)
Snacks can be purchased in Casual Bar.
October 2009 Weekdays - £85.00* per round pp (*including Lunch & a Stroke Saver)
October 2009 Sundays - £95.00** per round pp including a Stroke Saver (** No Dining Room Facilities on Sundays)
Snacks can be purchased in Casual Bar.
Overseas Professionals will receive a 50% Discount on the above Fees, advance notice and production of current PGA card is required.
If Caddies are required, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
All Caddies are Self-Employed, a suggested rate is:-
Senior Caddies - £35.00

Tel. 01294 311649 Fax. 01294 312312
Email or

Monday, August 25, 2008

Prestwick Publish 2009 Rates

Prestwick Golf Club, one of the founding members of Golf Tourism Scotland, have published their Tour Operator green fees for 2009. The golf club which will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of hosting the first ever Open Championship in 2010 can be contacted directly for further information on

Friday, August 22, 2008

Golf Monitor June 2008

Golf Tourism Monitor Headline Figures
The key figure this month is that, for the 38 courses for which direct comparisons can be made, total visitor rounds in June 2008 were 9% down on average compared to June 2007.
After a better May (when figures were 3% up), this is a return to something like the performance of April 2008, when visitor rounds were 14% down on average compared to April 2007.
For the three months April to June taken together, visitor rounds were 6% down in 2008
compared to the same period in 2007.
78,507 visitor rounds were played in June 2008 at the 71 courses which have so far provided figures – an average of 1,106 visitor rounds per course. Average green fee revenue for the month was £42,330 per course (inclusive of VAT) at the 56 courses which provided revenue

Golf Tourism Scotland (GTS) is carrying out the 2008 National Golf Tourism Monitor on behalf of VisitScotland (VS) and Scottish Enterprise (SE). The Monitor has the support of both the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) and the Club Managers’ Association of Europe (CMAE) who will be encouraging their members to participate.
The aims of the Monitor are to quantify levels, patterns, and trends in golf tourism in Scotland,
and thus to:
  • help golf course operators compare their market positioning and performance with
    industry averages, and thus target their marketing more effectively;
  • assist VS, SE, and other agencies in their overall golf tourism planning and marketing

The Monitor is based on figures supplied by golf courses throughout Scotland. So far, 93 courses have registered, and several more are expected to do so shortly. The Monitor is described in more detail on and any clubs which would like to participate and have not already registered can go to the website and click on Register Now. The more courses that provide figures, the more accurate, detailed, and helpful the reports will be.

By logging on at , courses participating in the Monitor will also be able to access more detailed reports comparing their own performance to the averages for courses in different categories. These categories, with the average number of visitor rounds in each case and the number of courses returning June figures so far, are shown in the tables in the June Summary Report document.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Updating Information and Content on the GTS Website

The members’ database has been upgraded to allow GTS members to increase substantially the amount of information published on the GTS website about their business. All members can now input their own contact details, descriptions, news, events, contacts and even job vacancies onto the website. We would request that members update this information as soon as possible.

Each member's administration panel is now live on the new Golf Tourism Scotland database and you can access your data by clicking on and entering your unique user name and password.
If you've forgotten or mislaid your log in details email a request to us at

The new members section is powered by The Claymore Project tourism database and the content inputted into the GTS website will also feature in an increasing number of other tourism related websites.

There is a full online help facility which you can access immediately. Your system will only be set to Administration at this stage and the room availability will not be live on your site until you are happy with your rates and availability.

Key Content
All members with UK addresses have full access to entering their data into the system. For different categories there are different fields. Golf courses and accommodation providers therefore have additional fields which they can update. As new information fields are added however members will be updated.

Details Page
Please complete all fields in this page including full postal address, principla business email and website addresses

There are two fields here; one is a description of about forty words to describe the business in short. The fuller description can include more details about what you do as a business and promote specific specialities and niche markets.

These will be used on your web page to assist your page in being found by the search engines. The following information should help.

  • Title Tag: Write the title tag based on your most important words and phrases in a sentence that describes effectively what you are offering.
  • Description Meta Tag: The description Meta tag should give an insight into the content but it should also contain a couple of the most important keywords.
  • Keywords Meta Tag: Include all of your keywords in the keyword meta tag but you must not include any words that don't appear in the page text. Keywords are decreasing in importance and are the least importnat of the tags

Of you have any stories of note – and they needn’t be earthbreaking – please publish them. This is the easiest way to get your information out to other GTS members and the wider target audience. New pricing, personnel starting, refurbishments – anything related to the industry should be published. This will then feed directly into the news sections of your pages and the GTS website.

This is driven in exactly the same way as the news feed and if you have any golf events, or entertainments or any type of event this is where it should be added. Remember it will populate other websites as well so is worth taking ten minutes a week over.

This is a Google map and will be used in your entry on the GTS website to locate your offices.

Image Bank, File Manager and Gallery
These are not currently active on the GTS website and can therefore be left fo0r the time being. When linked up we will advise on how to make use of them

The new contacts section allows you to add the contact details of your team and their individual titles and email addresses. This will show only on the GTS site currently

This is a new feature and allows accommodation providers, golf courses and operators to advertise their staffing needs. The detailed section will allow for the publication if required of full job descriptions and specifications in a systematic manner and the vacancies will be listed on the GTS website. Once again this is a very powerful and totally free benefit for members and we ask that you advise your personnel people of its existence.

Golf Courses and Accommodation Members
These categories have a number of additional fields that can be content managed including Scorecards, room descriptions and other useful information such as special offers. There is a full description available to download from the help section when you enter the database area.

Help and Assistance
Please in the first instance address all enquiries by email to and we will come back to you as soon as possible with any advice. Please do not phone regarding website updates as we will then refer you to an email request.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Golf Tourism Monitor Figures For May

The may Golf Tourism Monitor has been published by Golf Tourism Scotland. The monitor which is being undertaken by GTS on behalf of VisitScotland offers an immediate insight into how golf business is shaping up in 2008 across Scotland. The full report is available for download from the Golf Monitor Website.

The key figure this month is that, for the 36 courses for which direct comparisons can be made, total visitor rounds in May 2008 were 3% up on average compared to May 2007.
This is a much better performance than in April 2008, when the latest Monitor figures (based on 42 courses for which direct comparisons can be made) show visitor rounds 14% down on average compared to April 2007.

84,176 visitor rounds were played in May 2008 at the 71 courses which have so far provided figures – an average of 1,186 visitor rounds per course. Average green fee revenue for the month was £45,710 per course (inclusive of VAT) at the 55 courses which provided revenue figures.

Visitor rounds and revenue per course in May were therefore more than double the levels recorded for April – a pattern broadly compatible with previous years.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

VisitScotland Golf Planning Day

The board of GTS have confirmed this week that the date for a Golf Planning Day with the key public sector agencies is now in the diary. The marketing and business development planning day is set for the 11th of September and will involve two representatives from Golf Tourism Scotland, The Scottish Golf Union, Scottish Enterprise, VisitScotland and EventScotland. The meeting will be hosted by VisitScotland's Malcolm Roughead.

The day will comprise two sessions:
Session 1 - Marketing and Communications
Session 2 - Product Development, Skills and Training

The format will be based on a planning tool issued by VisitScotland which will be made available to the wider industry by GTS for their inputs in advance of the meeting. The intention is to capture by audience and market what the key issues are, what the information the industry has relating to those issues, what learnings can be derived from that information, what are the implications emanating from those learnings, what then is the plan to address those implications and what is the impact expected.

The discussions on Growth will focus on

  • The need to create new markets,
  • attract new visitors
  • encourage repeat visitation
  • why visitors behave and think as they do
  • who they are
  • where they are
  • when they are at the inspiration, information or conversion stage of their decision-making journey
  • what is the experience that they are looking for.

This session will help with market prioritisation, audience segmentation and marketing communications planning and delivery.

The discussion on delivery of the experience will focus on how to deliver a world class experience in a competitive environment. This session will assist with product development prioritisation and delivery.

GTS members who wish to contribute to the pre planning process should contact us by email in the first instance on

The findings of the GTS workshop held in July will be used to provide a core of the industry thoughts on some of the above issues and we would ask GTS members to read the detailed findings and where possible comment. If you have any thoughts on the Planning meeting or the process outlined above you can comment through this blog.