Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Business Club - Ryder Cup Opportunity?

One of the more taxing issues facing some members of GTS in recent years has been the Ryder Cup and the lack of opportunity to package the event due to restrictions on ticketing distribution. Well The Ryder Cup was certainly mentioned in despatches by the First Minister - whether it will open up new opportunities for tour operators and accommodation providers would be impossible to say but it may still be worth signing up to their newsletter. The website describes the aims as thus:
"BusinessClub Scotland is a new initiative designed to ensure that Scotland’s business community capitalises on the country’s ambitious events programme in the run up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and beyond.
The Club will:
  • Improve Business Competitiveness
  • Build Supply Chain Networks
  • Facilitate procurement around events
  • Extend reach of existing networks
  • Provide direct business engagement and targeted networking at events to win business
  • Develop expertise in event management and delivery

Utilising the strength of Scotland's leading business organisations and supported by the Scottish Government the club aims to engage with businesses across Scotland to maximise the commercial opportunities generated by major events - both at home and abroad.

Based on the experience of other clubs in Australia, the Caribbean and North West England, the club is open to any organisation across Scotland and is free to register


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