Friday, September 30, 2011

Scottish golf strengthens Global presence

In a move designed to bolster international awareness of golf in Scotland, two trade organisations for the golf tourism industry have agreed to a new, collaborative working relationship. The pioneering partnership between Golf Tourism Scotland (GTS) and the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) will assist the Home of Golf in adopting a more pro-active approach to promotion worldwide.

Commenting on the announcement, Lee Derrick, chairman of GTS, said the agreement was the beginning of a new era. “In an increasing competitive market with many fantastic golf courses and resorts to choose from, Scotland more than ever needs to ensure it is seen around the world as a desirable destination where golfers of all levels can play exceptional golf and enjoy a warm welcome. This announcement with IAGTO confirms our new attitude to promoting Scottish golf tourism around the world.”

The new relationship between GTS and IAGTO will create various initiatives, collaborations and opportunities to help drive golf tourism to Scotland and achieve sustainable growth across the country’s many regional golf destinations.

“The golf product in Scotland is exceptional but with greater choice from an ever-growing pool of golf destinations, Scotland must develop even stronger relationships with international golf tour operators and opinion formers if it is to generate sustainable growth in golf tourism,” said Peter Walton, president and CEO of IAGTO. “Our relationship with GTS will ensure that Scotland’s key messages are delivered with even greater clarity to both established and emerging markets, and will help all of Scotland’s many golf destinations adapt effectively to the evolving demands of the golf traveller.”

IAGTO has a number of overseas representatives covering new and time-honoured markets such as USA, Ireland, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and South Africa. The association is therefore well placed to support GTS particularly with familiarisation and press trips. A more immediate upshot of the new partnership is an introductory offer for GTS members to join IAGTO at a discounted rate of up to 72%.

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