Monday, June 30, 2014

Guest Blog: Spotlight on Carnoustie Country.

By Allan Ferguson, President of Ferguson Golf.

Notice the word "country" here - not just Carnoustie but the other golf courses in and around Carnoustie. Northeast off the Firth of Tay (Fife/St. Andrews is on the other side of the water), Carnoustie Country (Angus) tends to be the Rodney Dangerfield of Scottish Golf. 
"It just don't get no respect."

Everyone knows the great championship course at Carnoustie and nearly everyone wants to play it. In my fourteen years of trip planning, Carnoustie Championship has always ranked first or second in rounds played (along with St. Andrews' Old Course). The problem is, virtually all trip organizers and independent travelers treat Carnoustie as a "day trip" - either from St. Andrews or en route to St. Andrews. What these day trippers are missing is a chance to play, not only Carnoustie's two other links courses, but three of the most challenging, historic Open Qualifier courses in Scotland. These latter are: Panmure at Barry (adjacent to Carnoustie); Monifieth Medal (adjacent to Panmure); and Montrose Medal (about thirty miles north of Carnoustie). Together, with Carnoustie Championship, I wager these four courses comprise the strongest set of championship-level venues in Scotland. A case can be made for a comparable four in Ayrshire, E Lothian, or Fife, but when it comes to value for money, Carnoustie Country wins hands down. 

Total cost on these four courses this year is £337 midweek and £358 at the weekend. Those prices would not even get you to the first tees on Kingsbarns and St. Andrews Old Course in Fife. Or make life easier; purchase a Carnoustie Country Dream Ticket. This single ticket allows play on all four courses for just £325. More information is available on the Carnoustie Country website.
Carnoustie Championship Golf Course (est. 1840)
The bonus points in this picture are the entertainingly delightful, and less penal companion courses to the Carnoustie Championship. These are the Burnside and the Buddon layouts that fit inside and around the "big course". Nothing to be sneezed at, these are challenging links layouts with plenty of design value. The Burnside has always been highly regarded (perennially among the UK's Top 100). Most recently, the Buddon has received a £500,000 upgrade to develop two new par-4 holes and merge the old 9th and 10th into a superb par-5.

Of the three Carnoustie courses, the Buddon lies closest to the water and is the most scenic of the trio. And here's the best part: Carnoustie Links sells a combo ticket for these three great courses for £180. With the Championship pegged at £154 this year, that's an effective £26 for the Burnside and Buddon!! (worth two exclamation marks).

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