Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rain Affects Golf Courses Shocker!

Strange kind of article for The Scotsman to run but it's about golf in Scotland - and rain! According to The Scotsman heavy rain is adversely affecting Scotland's golf courses. It's certainly a serious revenue issue and one that the GTS managed Golf Tourism Monitor has highlighted over the past six months.
Mike Williamson who oversees the Monitor states that "Its a pretty obvious parallel and that the months where less rain fell the numbers went up. It's quite a clear statistical corelation but rounds played in May and September were up; June July and August were down as rain fell."
There isn't any enough overall information to make clear forecasts but it does question the myth that the weather doesn't affect golf tourism on the basis that rounds are booked months in advance and the weather doesn't impact on that decision. The clear indications are that the weather is impacting on the substantial sector of the market that plans short term or on impulse when here. Perhaps more than we budget for?
Full article at The Scotsman online

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