Thursday, January 6, 2011

Machrie Hotel and Golf LInks in Administration

A sign of the times perhaps when over the holiday period it was announced that the Machrie Hotel and Golf Links had gone into administration.

For those who have ventured on to the island - and it features in the programmes of many GTS Tour Operator members - would ever forget the experience for sure as it is one of the most stunning golf venues anywhere in the country.

Blair Nimmo, joint administrator from KPMG Scotland, said: “Both the hotel and golf course have excellent reputations and are regarded as destination venues for visitors to Islay.

“Despite this, Machrie Hotel and Golf Links has unfortunately, like many other companies in the tourism and hospitality sector, been impacted from tightening consumer spending and troubled economic conditions.”

And he added: “Taking Islay’s prominence as a tourist hot spot into account with its high number of whisky distilleries and other attractions, we are optimistic a buyer will be found for this quite excellent facility.”

All with an interest in golf would hope that this confidence is fulfilled ahead of the new season.

Read the full article from a local perspective from the Caledonian Mercury

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