Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golf Tourism Monitor Report

Whilst the full report has been available on the Golf Monitor website for a few weeks we thought another highlighting of the trends for last year wouldn't go amiss.

April and October are clearly the shoulder months of the main golf tourism season,
with around 500-600 visitor rounds per course on average. Visitor rounds effectively
double to around 1,000 or more per course for the core months of May to September

A similar pattern is apparent in the visitor revenue figures, with average revenue per
course of around £20,000 in April and October, rising to £40-£45,000 from May to

Visitor rounds were 4% down overall for April to October for the 30-40 courses where
direct comparisons with 2007 can be made at this stage. Visitor numbers held up
best in May and September – the two main when rainfall in Scotland as a whole was
below average in what was otherwise a very wet season.

Looking further back, April to October visitor rounds were 29% down for the 23
courses for which direct comparisons can be made with 2005, so this season’s
decline is clearly part of a trend extending over several years.

As shown below, there were wide variations in levels of visitor business among
courses of different types and in different parts of the country over the April to
October period.

For more detail on all of the 2008 reports and schedules for 2009 please visit the Golf Monitor Website

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