Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rhein Golf Opportunity

An opportunity has arisen for four partners to attend the Rheingolf show in Cologne between 13-15 February.

This is by far the largest and strongest event in Western Europe outside the UK, which had 27,000 visitors in 2008 (up to 32,000 expected this year) and attracts 500 exhibitors – mainly from Germany and Holland. We have managed to negotiate rates with Golf Scotland Germany of £2000 for regional alliances and £1400 for individual partners (reduced to £1100 for GTS members). These rates include heavy graphic and TV slide show presence, staff passes to the event as well as to all hospitality, and the assistance of Golf Scotland staff on the stand with presentations in German.

  • Germany now has almost 600,000 golfers!
  • There are no municipal golf courses in Germany; all are private and memberships range from around EUROS 1,500 to as much as 50,000 per year.
  • Germany has Europe’s highest level of female golfers.
  • The typical male German golfer is 49 years of age, has a high expendable income and takes part or books at least one overseas golf trip per year. He is either in a senior management position or is self employed.
  • His average spend on a week’s golfing trip is EUROS 2,600.
  • The German golfer enjoys over 30 days paid holiday per year this compares with 20 in the UK and many other countries.
  • No other European golfer spends as much money or as much time on golf holidays as a German!

For more information or to express your interest contact Lee Derrick or by phone on +44 7949 078 827

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