Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SGU Announce Golf Week

According to a report in The Scotsman newspaper, the SGU plans to launch a new campaign aimed at boosting the drop-off in golf club memberships. It is widely expected that soon to be released figures will show a drop off in memberships across the country, with the SGU estimating this would amount to 3% of their membership or approximately 6,000 golfers.

Over the years a number of factors have been cited as contributing to the drop-offs in memberships - with issues such as 2 for 1 discount offers making it more viable to play other courses, increases in costs of subscriptions and for many individuals, simply not having the time to commit to five hours at a weekend to play a round of golf.

The SGU has outlined plans for a 'Scottish Golf Awareness Week' (in mid-April) in an effort to promote the benefits of membership and encourage more people to join a club.

Hamish Grey explained further, "We want to get the message out that you can join a golf club. We are fortunate in having a range of clubs from municipal to world-renowned and I would suggest that anyone who really wants to join a golf club can find a way," he said.

"We are also trying to find ways of rewarding club members as opposed to those golfers who pay and play and we are in the process of launching the Scottish Golf Card, which has been well-received at its initial stages."

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