Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming Scotland 2009 Partner Events Programme

Homecoming Scotland’s Partner Events Programme aims to extend and enhance the established core programme of major events and activity taking place across the country throughout 2009 in recognition of Scotland’s first national Homecoming celebration.

The approach is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of relevant additional events and organisations delivering activity in Scotland during 2009. The Partner Events Programme is intended to be as widely inclusive as possible, however it is important the national Homecoming celebrations retain a strong identity and clear focus. All Partner Events must be clearly relevant to the themes and objectives of Homecoming Scotland.

The basis of the relationship will be an in-kind agreement through which Homecoming Scotland will offer inclusion for the event in the official programme of Homecoming celebrations for 2009, supported by the Homecoming Scotland Marketing & PR campaign delivered in partnership with VisitScotland. In return, Partner Events will be authorised to use the official Homecoming Scotland logo and artwork to proactively promote their event and its involvement with the national Homecoming celebrations and association with Homecoming Scotland. Financial support is not available through the Partner Events Programme.

The Homecoming Scotland website provides the base from which to profile the complete programme of Homecoming celebrations. All Partner Events will be listed on the website. The degree of profile Homecoming Scotland can offer each Partner Event will vary in accordance with the relative scale and significance of the event and its overall fit with the wider programme for the year. It is likely only events of national significance and which provide a strong platform to promote Homecoming Scotland internationally will be featured in Homecoming Scotland’s printed promotional materials.

Homecoming Scotland 2009 is a Scottish Government initiative managed by EventScotland in partnership with VisitScotland. The project seeks to motivate people of Scottish descent, as well as those who simply love Scotland, to come home and join us in a national celebration of our culture, heritage and the many great contributions Scotland has given the world.
The inspiration for Scotland’s first national Homecoming celebration comes from 2009 being the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet and cultural icon, whose message of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ continues to unite people across the world.
The project has four core objectives:

  • Engage and mobilise the Scottish Diaspora
  • Promote pride in Scots at home and abroad
  • Celebrate Scotland’s outstanding contributions to the world
  • Deliver additional tourism visits and revenue for Scotland
The programme of events and activity for the year will celebrate our unique culture and identity and will reflect many of Scotland’s great contributions to the world.

There are five key themes:

  • Robert Burns
  • Great Scottish Minds & Innovation
  • Scottish Ancestry,
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Golf
  • Whisky
The programme of Homecoming events and activity provides the unique platform for a dedicated UK and International marketing and communications campaign.

Homecoming Scotland 2009 has already committed more than £3million of direct funding in support of events/activity during 2009 through the Signature, Themed and Rolling Events Programmes. This funding has established the core programme of more than 100 major events and exhibitions taking place across the country throughout the year. With funding now allocated, the opportunity moving forward is to extend and enhance this core programme through partnership with a range of additional relevant events that do not require direct funding support but which fit well with the themes and objectives of Homecoming Scotland and can benefit from being part of, whilst also add value to the overall programme for the year.

Event Organisers are invited to propose their activity for inclusion in the programme of national Homecoming celebrations by completing the Registration Form below.

All Partner Event proposals will be considered on the basis of their ability to engage the Scottish Diaspora and attract additional visitors to Scotland, their relevance to the themes of Homecoming Scotland and their fit with the overall programme for the year. It is also important that Partner events can support and enhance the marketing of the national Homecoming celebrations through their own promotional activity by carrying the Homecoming logo and key messages.

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